10 of the Hottest Streamer Girls on Twitch #1

I know there are some of you lurkers out there with your TwitchTV crushes. I’m one of you, it’s cool. So what does it take to be a Twitch Hottie? Quite a lot more than good looks and boobs, I tell ya, because those kinds of things will only get you so far. While these girls are great to look at, no questions there, they are also severely entertaining and have really great presence. Sorry KaceyTron, TaraBabcock, and JessieRogers, didn’t make the cut ’cause you’re pizza in a Chinese buffet: I see you doing you, but I’m not feeling you right now.

Who’s hot then?:

Natalie Casanova is a voluptuous pink-haired bombshell whose goofy personality infects viewers from dusk ’til dawn. Absolutely hilarious and so much fun, she will occasionally do voices and sing. She’s a West Coast girl, so if you want to catch her on Fuck Shit Balls Fridays or through the week, she gets on around 8PM Cali time. Trust me, you don’t wanna miss the fun. Fun fact: she’s the only streamer I subscribe to (I promise, ladies, all of you will get my subs. I get paid with heavy metal music at this job, not money). Snarf at her for me! 

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